Day In the Life of a Product Manager

Day in the Life of a Product Manager

The role of a product manager tends to vary heavily depending on product lifecycle and stage of the company. Due to this variability, there is a wide range of day-to-day activities, but ultimately a product manager is still responsible for doing whatever it takes to collaborate with multiple teams and move different conversations towards closure.

Below, we’ve provided two examples of day-to-day activities for 2 different PM roles:

Consumer Tech PM

8:00AM: Wake up and check the Outlook mail app on my phone to make sure there aren’t any high priority issues that popped up overnight. Immediately after, I usually check my company’s Slack to see if I got any new direct messages from anyone that need to be immediately addressed. Continue Reading

What is a Product Manager?

What is a Product ManagerAs a product manager in San Francisco, I can’t count the number of times I’ve been at a bar, been asked what I do, and then hear the follow-up question “Wait… you do what? What’s a product manager?” When I first started answering that question, I would stutter, throw out some nonsense jargon like “cross-functional teams,” and “customer advocate” and receive a blank stare from whomever I was talking to. Since then, I’ve spent a lot more time learning even more about all the facets of being a product manager.

The role of a product manager really differs from every company and lifecycle of a product but in general:

A product manager helps to guide a team in discovering and developing the right product for users.

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