Product Q&A with Punit Soni

Punit Soni

About: Punit was until recently at Flipkart (India’s largest ecommerce company) as their Chief Product Officer. In this role, he led the product definition and innovation charter for Flipkart consumer products, marketplace and transaction platform. He was responsible for driving Product Strategy, Design and Product Marketing functions to build world class user interface and product solutions.

As a senior product leader at Google and Motorola in Mountain View, California, Soni was involved in the development of some of the world’s most revolutionary products including Google News, Google Books, Google Plus, Google Mobile and a suite of Motorola devices including Moto X, Moto G and Moto E. Continue Reading

Product Q&A with Ken Norton

Ken Norton

About: Ken is a product partner at GV where he provides product and engineering support to startups. Prior to joining GV, Ken was a group product manager at Google. In his years as a PM at Google, Ken led product initiatives for Docs, Calendar, and Google Mobile Maps. Ken joined Google in 2006 with the acquisition of JotSpot, where he was vice president of products.

Before JotSpot, Ken led product management at Yahoo Search. Back in the day when he was a software engineer, he was one of the first 50 employees of CNET and the founding CTO of Snap (which became NBC Internet). Ken has written extensively about the craft of product management.

His classic essay “How to Hire a Product Manager” became the playbook for a generation of PMs. He’s also the reason donuts and product management have become synonymous. He earned his bachelor’s from Boston University and master’s from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Continue Reading

30 Questions to Determine if the Product Manager Job is Right For You

30 Questions to Determine if PM is Right For You

This is a guest post that was originally published by Stephanie Oh on StephOhSays.

Are you considering a career in Product Management, but feeling lost as to how you’re supposed to gauge whether or not the role would be a good fit for you?

Several people have asked me for advice on the topic, so before you jump into taking a pricey Product Management course — and for everyone who may not have a “PM friend of a friend” to ask for advice — here’s a list of 30 questions to ask yourself first. Answer them as honestly as possible, and by the end you should have a much better idea as to whether or not you’d be a good fit for a role in Product Management.

In a ‘former life’, were you:

1. That kid who did whatever it took to help your group finish a school project and get an A? Continue Reading

Product Q&A with Paul Rosania

Paul Rosania

About: Paul is the Product Lead for Core Product at Slack. He was previously a Group Product Manager at Twitter where he ran the team responsible for the Home Timeline.

On the web:

AMA Details:
Date: Tuesday, April 26th
Time: 11AM PT / 2PM ET
Location: #ama channel

To join in on the Q&A, check out our Product Manager HQ community!

Product Manager Interview: Prioritization Question

Product Manager Interview - Prioritization Question

Every new feature or product your team works on is an opportunity cost for the company. As a product manager, it is absolutely critical that you fully understand your customer needs and establish a prioritization process to identify what your team should be working on next. Without proper prioritization, your team could waste many months of time and cash building the wrong thing.

During the product manager interview, you will often get a question revolving around how you think about prioritization. The question could be as high-level as something like:

“You are a product manager for Facebook Groups. Can you talk through your prioritization process?”

There are several different approaches and preferences here but here is one we recommend: Continue Reading

Product Q&A with Christina Wodtke

Christina Wodtke

About: Christina Wodtke trains companies to move from insight to execution as principal of her firm, Wodtke Consulting, and teaches the next generation of entrepreneurs at California College of the Arts and Stanford Continuing Education. Christina has led redesigns and initial product offerings for such companies as LinkedIn, Myspace, Zynga, Yahoo!, Hot Studio, and eGreetings. She has founded two consulting startups, a product startup, and Boxes and Arrows, an online magazine of design; and she co-founded the Information Architecture Institute. She’s the author of 101 Theses on Design, Information Architecture: Blueprints for the Web and her new book about OKRs, Radical Focus. Currently she teaches at California College of the Arts and Stanford Continuing Education. She speaks everywhere from conferences to universities to boardrooms, and opines across the internet, but most often on Continue Reading