If you’re checking out this page then chances are, you’re here to learn more about product management and learn how to break into a product role.

You might have had a few questions at the top of your mind such as:

  • How am I supposed to break into product management without any prior experience?
  • I come from a totally different / non-related industry; is it still possible to get any interviews or even land a product manager job?
  • I like my company, but I’m tired of my role so how do I transition internally into a product role?
  • I somehow got a product role but I have no idea what I’m doing. How do I become a better product manager?

If any of the above questions / doubts resonate with you, have no fear! I was in a very similar place as you a few years ago when I was working in finance and wanted to transition into product management. I spent months reading scattered resources all around the web and talking with countless PMs before I managed to land my first few interviews and eventually my first product management offer. After I transitioned into my product role, I got a ton of inbound cold e-mails asking about my transition and I realized that many people were going through a very similar process that I had to struggle through.

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Below are a few of our most popular articles to get you started. After checking them out, if you’re serious about breaking into product management or becoming a better PM, check out our One Week Product Manager course or our PM community.

About Product Management:

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Product Management Recruiting / Interviewing:

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On the Job:

  1. Top 5 steps to Ramping up as a New Product Manager
  2. What is a Product Roadmap?
  3. What is the Waterfall Methodology?
  4. What is the Agile Methodology?
  5. What is a Wireframe?
  6. Maintaining a Product After Launch
  7. An Introduction to the Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  8. 6 Types of Products That PMs Manage
  9. Agile Estimation: Sizing Stories
  10. How to Work with Stakeholders as a PM

Interviews with Product Leaders:

  1. Interview with Jen Granito Ruffner (VP Product at Kifi)
  2. Interview with Justin Watt (PM at Metalab)
  3. Interview with Christina Wodtke (Former GM at Zynga & Myspace)
  4. Interview with Paul Rosania (Product at Slack)
  5. Interview with Ken Norton (Product Partner at Google Ventures)
  6. Interview with Punit Soni (Former CPO of Flipkart & Advisor to Google)
  7. Interview with Brandon Chu (Sr. PM at Shopify)
  8. Interview with Fernando Delgado (Former Sr. Director of Product at Yahoo, Co-Founder Yahoo’s APM Program)
  9. Interview with Ellen Chisa (VP Product at Lola)
  10. Interview with David Cancel (CEO at Drift)

Guest Posts:

  1. Are We Product Managers or Problem Managers?
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