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Brandon Chu


Brandon is a Sr. Product Manager at Shopify, where he currently splits his time leading conversational commerce products (selling through messaging) and building the product management discipline itself (i.e. the hiring, on-boarding, and decision making frameworks the company’s product managers use).  Previously, Brandon was a product director at FreshBooks, a series B startup in Toronto, where he led a product group responsible for all payment, partnership, and mobile products. His first foray into product was co-founding Tunezy, a 2010 startup focused on helping youtube musicians monetize their tours that was acquired by SFX Entertainment in 2013. Shopify is a commerce platform used by over 275,000 business around the world to easily sell things anywhere their customer are: whether that’s their own website, a retail store, or on their Facebook page. IPOing in 2015, Shopify has 4 offices in Canada and one in San Fransisco and now employs over 1500 people.

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In a platform like Shopify, how do (or did, or would) you draw borders around different parts of the application to segment out products? Would you mind giving specific examples?

Great question.  Right to the meat!  At the highest level we break up the platform as the ‘Commerce OS’ portion (the APIs that drive basic Shop management) and everything that will consume that.  Examples are Channels (places people can sell like their own online store or Facebook), or Services (drop-shipping like Shipwire). Continue Reading