Product Manager Interview: The Favorite Product Question

Product Manager Interview - Favorite Product Question

One commonly asked question during product manager interviews is “Tell me about your favorite product.” At first glance, it seems like a harmless question and oftentimes feels like the interviewer is just trying to make casual small talk. However, don’t take this question too lightly; an interviewer may genuinely be curious about the types of products you enjoy using, but may also be using this question to understand how you think about products at a high level.

When approaching this question, you don’t need to follow a specific structure but I generally enjoy answering and hearing answers in this type of format:

1) What is the product and what does it do?

First off, try your best not to pick the most generic app / product out there. From an interviewer’s perspective, there is nothing exciting about hearing iPhone or Uber for the 100th time. If you are using a more obscure product, mention what it is and spend a few seconds going into what the app does and how it solves some sort of problem for you. Continue Reading