Product Q&A with Jess Lee

AMA stands for ‘Ask Me Anything’ where you’ll have the chance to ask our featured guest any question you’d like. Our product guest of honor is:

Jess Lee

About: Jess Lee is an investing partner at Sequoia Capital and is the venture capital firm’s first female partner in the U.S. in 44 years of operation.

Previously, she was the CEO of Polyvore – a journey she likes to call “unusual.” When she was at Google, she became obsessed with using Polyvore and sent in detailed user feedback through e-mail to the original co-founder. This resulted in her joining Polyvore as a product manager and eventually rising to VP of Product to honorary co-founder / CEO.

Before Polyvore, she was a protégé of Marissa Mayer in Google’s APM program where she rose to become the Product Manager for Google Maps. Continue Reading