Maintaining Feature Parity Across Platforms

In the PMHQ Slack community, we regularly get thought-provoking questions that we feel should be explored in-depth and documented for future reference. We’re starting a new set of Q&A posts to dive into these kinds of questions, and enable everyone in the community to revisit the answers and contribute further!

“For the first time, I’m working on a product that spans multiple platforms (iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Chrome). What are best practices for organizing teams and maintaining feature parity when targeting multiple platforms?” 

Neil Littlejohns, Director of Product Management at TunnelBear

Here’s my framework for tackling the problem of feature parity across multiple platforms. Continue Reading

Maintaining a Product After Launch

Maintaining a Product After Launch

The launch celebration is over, the product is live, and there’s finally time to take a (quick) breather after weeks of intense work. But what happens after a product launches?

The product manager still has a large role in maintaining a product after it launches, and this post will provide a high-level overview and cover several aspects of the post-launch phase.


Perhaps one of the most important immediate steps to take after a product launches is to conduct a retrospective with the team that worked on the product. There are many ways to approach this but most commonly the group discusses the following:

  1. What went well
  2. What could have been improved
  3. Actionable steps for future projects

The retrospective is important because it gets the group talking and allows everyone to reflect on their efforts and voice their concerns or suggestions for improvement. This aligns with agile methodology because the goal is to improve with each new iteration. Continue Reading