The Gift of Product Mentorship

The biggest gift I got this year wasn’t under a Christmas tree, or wrapped in pretty paper.

It cost nothing to give to me, and yet I value this gift endlessly.

This year, I received the gift of product mentorship – through work, through friends, and through events. Without mentorship, I would not be in the position I am today.

Regardless of seniority, product mentorship will always prove useful. Whether you’re an associate product manager or the Head of Product, there’s always so much more to learn – new perspectives and frameworks to consider, new technologies and methodologies to stay on top of, new industry trends and competitors and partners to evaluate.

That’s why I want to take the time this holiday season to reflect on product mentorship. Let’s talk about both sides of product mentorship: 1) getting it, and 2) giving it. Continue Reading

Critical Skills to Develop as a New Product Manager in Your First 6 Months

Members of the PMHQ Slack community regularly host awesome events for product managers to swap tips and learn from one another.

In San Francisco, Vinay Melwani (Product Manager at HouseCanary) has organized a monthly morning meetup called AM | PM. Attendees answer a thought-provoking question-of-the-month in a round-robin fashion and reflect on each other’s responses.

Below is our summary of November’s AM | PM meetup!

Our question of the month for November 2017 was provided by Rob McGrorty, Head of Product at Webgility:

“If you could learn anything from anyone in your first 6 months as a PM, what single thing would you want them to teach you?” 

Interestingly, few people shared the same perspective on what one thing they wish they knew as a new PM. Continue Reading