Product Development Q&A and Best Practices

In the PMHQ Slack community, we regularly get thought-provoking questions that we feel should be explored in-depth and documented for future reference. We’re starting a new set of Q&A posts to dive into these kinds of questions, and enable everyone in the community to revisit the answers and contribute further!

How can I be well-organized on JIRA for multiple platform products? We have mobile, back-end, API, admin panel, etc., so when we start the sprint all our focus is based on user experience, but we need to improve all our products. How should we handle this?”

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First, it depends on how your product teams are structured. Do you have a single team that is tackling all of these initiatives simultaneously, or do you have dedicated teams? Let’s walk through how to organize JIRA for either team structure. Continue Reading

What is the Agile Methodology?

What is the Agile Methodology?

Earlier this week, we discussed the Waterfall methodology and today we’re going to go over another popular methodology in the industry called Agile. Agile is an extremely iterative approach to product development based on the Lean methodology that rapidly delivers a product in small batches.

“Agile is an iterative approach to product development that delivers a product in small batches.”

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Many new startups find Agile to be a preferred methodology because Agile relies on a high level of customer involvement and thus the product is much more likely to be in tune with what the market wants when the product finally ships.

 Traditionally, large companies with complex products (think Microsoft and their operating system or Nasa and a space rocket) couldn’t launch their software in pieces or else the entire product wouldn’t work properly. These companies had to ship products in a predictive manner by carefully planning through all customer use cases / edge cases. Continue Reading