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Whether you’re an aspiring PM, mid-level veteran, seasoned product executive, or a founder, Product HQ will help you level-up, skip the guesswork, and get second opinions from smart people.


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Join the Product Community

  • Connect, chat, and learn from the world’s largest Slack product community with thousands of product people around the world.
  • Hundreds of conversations happen daily in channels like #pminterviews, #pmjobs, #pmresources, #newtopm, #design, #uxresearch, #ama, #events, #bookclub +50 more…
  • In a few days, you’ll meet more product people in this community than you can in a life-time.

Learn Product from the Best

  • Our community members hail from over 600+ of the world’s best startups and companies including Google, Facebook, Netflix, LinkedIn, Twitter, Slack, Snapchat, Airbnb, Pinterest, etc…
  • Whether you’re new to the industry or an experienced industry veteran, you’re going to learn so much about the product from ongoing conversations that your mind will find explode.
  • Fun Fact: Intuit thought their PMs were learning so much from the community that the company onboarded their entire global 200+ product management organization into the community and continue to onboard all incoming PM cohorts.

Product Recruiting / Jobs

  • If you’re looking to break into a product role or switch careers, this is the most supportive community you’ll find during your product job search. Dozens of members have landed their product jobs after joining the community.
  • Product job listings are actively posted every day and our community members help each other look over resumes, practice interviewing each other, and provide feedback on products, case studies, specs, etc…
  • We even have a channel called #pminterviewsessions where community members set times to practice PM case interviews over Google Hangouts / Skype

In - Person Meetups

  • Our community members regularly organize in-person local meetups around the world in order to get to know each other better, discuss their latest product problems, and share best practices and tactics.
  • Our New York and San Francisco chapters organize popular [AM][PM] Meetups where PMs get together for breakfast and openly discuss a wide range of product topics (and in typical PM fashion, they organize the breakfast conversation using a make-shift Kanban board with post-it notes)

Exclusive Access & Discounts

  • By nature of being the world’s largest Slack community for product people, members get exclusive access and discounts to product events, jobs, and resources. The sheer size of our community allows us to negotiate large discounts (sometimes to the tune of hundreds of dollars of savings) for all of our members.
  • We can almost guarantee that the life-time savings you get from our discounts will far exceed your membership fee.

Bonus: Free Guide to Breaking into Product Management

  • Community lifetime membership also comes with a free bonus 140+ page guide to breaking into product management. We’ve also got a few upcoming surprises available exclusively for our community members only.

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Alexa Szal
Product Manager
"This program allows me to finally gain a more holistic understanding of the back-end mechanics that are involved when managing software development - resulting in more strategic conversations with technical stakeholders and empowering more informed decision making."
Jane Park
Product Manager
“For a PM without a technical background, concepts like APIs, servers, and back-end/front-end can feel confusing and overwhelming. But the course provided clear, straight-forward explanations and visuals that really helped me understand the foundations of how software is created and maintained.”
Allen Wang
Strategic Finance Associate, Uber Eats
“While I started the program with zero experience, I realized learning the fundamental concepts isn't as insurmountable as I initially expected as long as I put in the effort to learn.”
Kevin C.
Product Manager
“The instructors were all clearly very experienced. I learned structured problem-solving techniques that helped me get multiple jobs offers even before the course ended.”