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    Join the Product Community

    Connect, chat, and learn from the world’s largest Slack product community with thousands of product people around the world. Hundreds of conversations happen daily in channels like #pminterviews, #pmjobs, #pmresources, #uxresearch, +10 more… In a few days, you’ll meet more product people in this community than you can in a life-time.

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    Learn Product from the Best

    Our community members hail from over 500+ of the world’s best startups and companies including Google, Facebook, Netflix, LinkedIn, Twitter, Slack, Pinterest, etc… Intuit even onboarded their entire global 200+ product management organization into the community. Whether you’re new to the industry or an experienced industry veteran, you’re going to learn so much about product from ongoing conversations that your mind will f’ing explode.

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    Product Recruiting / Jobs

    If you’re looking to break into a product role or switch careers, this is the place to be. We’ve had dozens of members tell us that this community is one of the primary reasons why they were able to land their product jobs. Product job listings are actively posted every day and our community members help each other look over resumes, practice interviewing each other, and provide feedback on products, case studies, specs, etc… This is the most supportive community you’ll find during your product job search.

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    Live AMAs (Ask Me Anything)

    We feature prominent Product leaders in our #ama channel every few weeks for live ‘Ask Me Anything’ discussions where members of the community can ask any question they want and get answers live. Some of our previous and future guests include: Ken Norton (Partner at Google Ventures), Punit Soni (Chief Product Officer at Flipkart), Alexanda Cavoulacos (Co-Founder & COO of The Muse), Jen Ruffner (Product Lead at Kifi, Former Product at Linkedin, Zynga, AIM), David Cancel (CEO at Drift), Christina Wodtke (Former GM at Zynga, GM at Myspace, Principal PM at Linkedin, Sr. Director of Design at Yahoo, Adjunct Professor at Stanford University), Paul Rosania (PM at Slack, Former Group PM at Twitter), Brandon Chu (Senior PM at Shopify), and Ellen Chisa (VP Product at Lola).

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    Exclusive Access & Discounts

    By nature of being the world’s largest Slack community for product people, members get exclusive access and discounts to product events, jobs and resources. The sheer size of our community allows us to negotiate large discounts (sometimes to the tune of hundreds of dollars of savings) for all of our members. We can almost guarantee that the life-time savings you get from our discounts will far exceed your membership fee.

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    Bonus Content

    We’ve got a few upcoming surprises available exclusively for our community members only.

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“I’ve been in product management for over 10+ years and this is the first active community of PMs I’ve found that I can learn from or share experiences with. I’ve met a ton of PMs from all sorts of companies around the world through the PMHQ community and it almost feels like a mastermind group for me to bounce ideas off of and become a better product manager.”John, PMHQ Member
“I honestly wish I had joined this PM community much earlier, I’ve only been here a few months and I’ve already learned so much from everyone else. The PM advice I’ve gotten from other members makes me feel like I’ve gotten onto a fast track in my product management career.”Tiffani, PMHQ Member
“I finally got the offer letter and will join tomorrow! My heartiest thanks to this community for setting me on the right track. I did some thorough research and presented a roadmap for execution which the interviewers liked a lot. Thanks for creating such an awesome community.”Ankur, PMHQ Member
“If you’re looking to break into product management, this community is a MUST. I received a ton of helpful recruiting tips and was even able to set up practice interviews with a few experienced members which was essential to me landing my first PM job.”Jack, PMHQ Member

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