If you’re checking out this page, then chances are you’re here to learn more about product management and learn how to break into a product role.

You might have had a few questions at the top of your mind such as:

  • How am I supposed to break into product management without any prior experience?
  • I come from a totally different / non-related industry; is it still possible to get any interviews or even land a product manager job?
  • I like my company, but I’m tired of my role, so how do I transition internally into a product role?
  • I somehow got a product role but I have no idea what I’m doing. How do I become a better product manager?

If any of the above questions / doubts resonate with you, have no fear! I was in a very similar place as you a few years ago when I was working in finance and wanted to transition into product management.

I spent months reading scattered resources all around the web and talking with countless PMs before I managed to land my first few interviews and eventually my first product management offer. After I transitioned into my product role, I got a ton of inbound cold e-mails asking about my transition and I realized that many people were going through a very similar process that I had to struggle through.

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See you on the flip side, my friend.

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    4. Day in the Life of a Platform Product Manager
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    Product Manager Recruiting:

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    4. The Ultimate Associate Product Manager Guide
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    Product Manager Interview:

    1. Product Manager Interview: Pre-Interview Research
    2. Product Manager Interview: The Product Design Question
    3. Product Manager Interview: The Favorite Product Question
    4. Product Manager Interview: Create a New Product
    5. Product Manager Interview: Prioritization Question
    6. Product Manager Interview: Create a Product Roadmap

    New Product Manager:

    1. So You’re a New Product Manager, Now What?
    2. Critical Skills to Develop as a New Product Manager in Your First 6 Months
    3. Top 5 Steps to Ramping Up As a New Product Manager
    4. 5 Tips for New Product Managers

    Product Manager Fundamentals:

    1. What is a Product Roadmap?
    2. Effective User Interviews
    3. What is the Waterfall Methodology?
    4. What is the Agile Methodology?
    5. What is a User Story?
    6. Agile Estimation: Sizing Stories
    7. What is a Wireframe?
    8. Sprint Best Practices
    9. Maintaining Healthy Backlogs
    10. Switching Costs
    11. Product Strategies for Switching Costs
    12. 6 Types of Products That PMs Manage
    13. Maintaining a Product After Launch
    14. Product Development Best Practices
    15. Testing Best Practices
    16. Retrospectives
    17. Task Management Best Practices
    18. How to Work with Stakeholders as a PM
    19. Stakeholder Empathy
    20. Crisis Management as a Product Manager
    21. Customer Support for a Day
    22. Shadowing Your Sales Team
    23. Partnering on Sales Calls
    24. Driving Sales Calls as a Product Manager
    25. When To Join Your Sales Team
    26. Product Review Meetings
    27. Product Leadership Best Practices

    Advanced Product Management:

    1. Why Process Matters for B2B Products
    2. Shipping Effective B2B Products
    3. Value Propositions for Product Managers
    4. Validating and Executing on Value Propositions
    5. Advanced Tactics for Value Propositions
    6. Objection Handling for Product Managers
    7. How to Succeed with Remote Development
    8. How to Sunset a Feature
    9. Maintaining Feature Parity Across Platforms
    10. Configuration vs. Customization
    11. Selecting New Technologies
    12. Implementing New Technologies
    13. Data-Driven vs. Data-Informed
    14. Internal Release Notes
    15. Effective Meetings for Product Managers

    Metrics and Data Analytics:

    1. Net Promoter Score
    2. Conversion Rate
    3. Retention Rate
    4. Bounce Rate
    5. Blended Metrics

    Product Manager Career:

    1. Product Manager Career Paths
    2. De-Risking Your Journey to Product Management
    3. Professional Development as a Product Manager
    4. Work-Life Balance as a Product Manager
    5. Product Mentorship

    Guest Posts:

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    Interviews with Product Leaders:

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